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 LTCC Lobby Restroom Refurbishment (SBE Set-Aside)

Event Name: LTCC Lobby Restroom Refurbishment (SBE Set-Aside)
Date: 08/19/2022 - 08/19/2022
Time: 09:30 AM - 10:30 AM
Facility: Jackson Memorial Long Term Care Center
Location: Main Lobby
Description: Pre-Bid and Site Visit Description: Review of Scope of Work and Specifications and contractor site inspection Meeting Required: 08/19/2022 09:30:00 AM Location: LTCC Main Lobby Required: No Address Line 1: 2500 NW 22 Avenue City: Miami State Province: Florida Postal Code: 33142 Country: United States of America
Hyperlink: https://supplierpa.c118.netaspx.com/prodproc/SourcingSupplier/lm?_ln=OpenForBid&_r=0&bto=SourcingEvent&dataarea=prodproc&name=Summary&service=form&webappname=SourcingSupplier&Company=1000&SourcingEvent=363